This relationship is moving at the speed of light, but that's how The Weeknd likes it! The 27-year-old singer has been dating Selena Gomez for less than a year, but it didn't take him that long to realize that she's The One. “After just a few weeks of ...
Life & Style Weekly Thu, 12 Oct 2017 18:07:00 GMTView
For starters: Yes, she's happy Gigi wasn't in Kendall's panned Pepsi commercial. Bella isn't dating Drake (which, hmmm). But Cohen managed to get one valuable reply from the former "Real Housewives" star. "Does Bella care that The Weeknd is with Selena ...
Glamour Wed, 11 Oct 2017 15:32:51 GMTView
Selena Gomez is filming a new Woody Allen movie months after kidney transplant, but she and The Weeknd are still going strong. Wed, 27 Sep 2017 18:34:58 GMTView
Selena Gomez y The Weeknd pasaron horas terroríficas durante su última salida que nunca olvidarán. Hubo muchos testigos y hay videos de lo que pasó.
Studio92 Mon, 16 Oct 2017 02:16:52 GMTView
A report on the public sighting of Abel Tesfaye and Selena Gomez, as they attended the Halloween event in Universal Studios.और अधिक »
ChristianToday (blog) Mon, 16 Oct 2017 09:47:14 GMTView
Selena Gomez has been open about regularly attending therapy to cope with anxiety and depression — but she doesn't go alone.
OK Magazine Mon, 18 Sep 2017 17:58:44 GMTView
Selena Gomez, 25, and The Weeknd, 27, making that all-important journey down the aisle? Maybe, as a source claims to Star magazine in their Oct. 16 issue! “Selena has been doing a little bite of research and leaving pages open on her laptop for Abel to ...
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These celeb couples aren't afraid to get spooked! See all of the A-list couples who love Halloween-themed dates!और अधिक »
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At work, the star — who went public about her battle with lupus in 2015 — “seems wonderful,” says a set source. “She shows up looking rested and in a great mood and seems to take great care of herself.” For all the details on Gomez's kidney ... Wed, 20 Sep 2017 12:15:46 GMTView
Are those wedding bells we hear?! The Weeknd and Selena Gomez may be getting married soon, as has EXCLUSIVELY learned he's planning an epic proposal. “After just a few weeks of dating, The Weeknd already knew that he and Selena [Gomez ...
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chicagxo 🖤
Are Selena and Abel still together they haven’t been lame and posted about each other in a while
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TylerNelsonWeek Tyler Nelson Weekly
@smgomez_SG you have arguements with Abel and that you look back from your past relationships look Selena you are not a lone in this
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booblenalikesxo loyal legend
@dudeperfectDani @ruinthejonas Selena and Abel have been together for almost a yeae and still seem to be very happy together
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aIonelynight rachel
oh wow it’s been a month since i saw abel and selena
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Jelenastyping Jelena
@GomezUpdateds is detroyeddd inside and out ..I love the strong Selena ..but she is so extra woth Abel but I don’t…
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SeIenaskru 🅴
Abel is supposedly shoving coke down Selena’s throat and he is also under contract to gain selena more fame
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selgmzm BRod
I’m am tired of that psycho, I hope jb gets a serious gf soon maybe that bitch will back off of Selena and Abel
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Abelena10 Abelena👑
Abel and selena inside metgala♥♥♥❤❤❤
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Abelena10 Abelena👑
When a another nigga tries to protect your girlfriend..#Abelena #Abel and #Selena in italy ⛲⛪
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StainedIcon ⚡️⚡️⚡️
@JadeTalarico And you claim this shrimp? The Weeknds rarely visible arm is better looking than justin. Glad Selena…
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eleminated aspen
Selena can take it but just know Abel’s gonna get on your ass and sue you and your little account. Stay tuned
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Thank god for Abel's fandom, they simply accept Selena as normal human beings and aren't acting dumb and childish af
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SameOldSwift 🌺TS•SG🌺
Selena, Justin, and Abel all in a row 😳
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lityoncee Beyoncé+
@selegenderry @theedgeofstars @TheShadyFacts Selena is only relevant thanks to the scene, justin, and abel💋
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abeIsjimin 🐶
abel&selena or abel&bella? — abel and bella dont fucking @ me
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abelselxo1 abelselxo
@laceykennedy honestly abel doesn't need to prove to us anythng selena knws him and we dnt knw them personaly.mandy…
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daika04 Daika
didnt demi confirm that she, selena miley and one of the jonas guys smoked weed together at the age of 14 🤔and abel…
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angelsbiebers ʀᴏɴᴊᴀ ☔︎
@cokedupcabello You’re ranting your ass off here but without any receipts. Fuck you’re a closeted Selena stan 💀 And…
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fentyaxaIea reubitch
@saratsus because we probably did. selena and abel tease?
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bizzuhI sham🇵🇸
me: selena and abel are hella cute! selena stans:
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Soldier_Gomez spooky amber
Abel has a concert in Vegas tonight and I wonder if Selena will go? If she does, please pray that I run into her. 😭
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i wonder if selena and abel will end up getting married 🤔
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